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El Rapolao 2018 | La Vizcaína | Magnum (1,5L)

59,80 €


El Rapolao 2018 | La Vizcaína | Magnum (1,5L)

59,80 €
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 Procedente de 1,5 hectáreas situado en Valtuille de Abajo a 550 metros de altitud sobre el nivel del mar. Con suelo arcilloso en la zona más vieja y más componente orgánico en la nueva.

 Vendimia manual. Fermentación con el raspón en tinas abiertas, después de 30 días de maceración pasan a barricas. Crianza de 12 meses en barricas de roble francés.


COLOR: cereza, borde violáceo

AROMA: anisado, fruta negra, fruta roja, fruta madura, notas cárnicas, cera, fósforo

BOCA: equilibrado, fruta madura, elegante


There is a bit of an animal hint on the nose of the 2018 La Vizcaína El Rapolao, which Raúl Pérez tells me is always part of the character of the wine when it's young. The difference with the 2017 is the quality of the tannins, which rounder and more elegant here, and the concentration, which is lower here, so this 2018 comes through as more fluid, fresh and elegant, with a silkier mouthfeel. They finally bought the vineyard in 2018, and the change in viticulture resulted in lower yields: they produced 6,000 bottles of this 2018, compared with the 10,000 bottles of the 2017. They have bought three more plots for this bottling, so volumes will grow in the future. The initial sensation fades after the wine has been in bottle for one hour, and it makes sense that it's gong to disappear with some more time in bottle. Pérez thinks it might be related to the recent bottling. It was bottled in May 2020, a few weeks before I tasted it.

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